Thursday, January 04, 2007

Come out, come out, wherever you are...

The thing that makes blind dates so horrific-aside from the fact that you have no idea what type of visage is going to greet you at the bar-is that you’re expected to present “My Life Story- Abridged” to a complete stranger as a selling point that will win you a second date. Along with the usual “these are my goals”speech, and the “I work here just to pay the rent” speech, is the all too familiar “coming out story."

The “coming out story” is a staple of the lesbian date. Somewhere in between the 2nd and 3rd glass of wine stories of playing doctor with the little girl from across the street, or making out with your best friend naked in your mother’s bed, seem to just spill out of you. These stories gracefully evolve into full scale confessions of love to the first girlfriend, and then to even scarier confessions of self discovery to family, friends, etc. As you speak she smiles knowingly, and as she speaks you interject with energetic nods and "Yes! Omigod, totally!", until finally over dessert you’ve come full circle and can eat your cake knowing you've found common ground.

I get bored with the same old scenario on a date, but I will say it's nice to have a complete stranger turn into a strong ally after only a few drinks. One whose had the same thoughts, doubts, and desires as you've had and who has the potential of being a good friend if the whole romance thing doesn't really fly. Having recently gone on several dates with lovely women with whom I’ve shared my story, I thought I’d recommend for 2007 my favorite read of 2006 Alison Bechdel’s coming out story, “Fun Home.”

Bechdel shares not only her own sexual realization but also the discovery of her father‘s homosexuality and his suicide which followed shortly thereafter. “Fun Home” is a heartbreaking and intelligent read and I highly recommend it. Happy New Year!


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