Friday, November 10, 2006


We Read Books is a new blog started by me, Isaac Butler. My other blog is a theater/culture/politics blog called Parabasis. You can find that here. Parabasis has a very wide focus, so I wanted to start another blog that has a laser-like specificity. That is this blog you are reading right now.

The concept is simple-- I'm in the process of inviting an interesting group of people with (hopefully) diverse taste in books to simply write about the books they are reading, in whatever way they see fit, be that a formal review, a discussion thread, a response, whatever. Also, hopefully we will be able to get some good conversations about reading, books, literature etc.

This is also, BTW, an effort to counter a recent trend towards obnoxiousness on many book blogs, where authors seem to have adopted the snark and snide of the mainstream critic, with none of the authority, expertise, or institutional history that critics possess, thus giving us the worst of both worlds.

Posting will hopefully start in earnest later this week.

To get things started, just in case anyone is reading this right now...

How do you decide what books to read?


At 12:56 PM, Blogger hpmelon said...

I am so glad you are doing this. I started my own book club a few months ago and choosing new books is always exciting. We keep an ongoing list of books we have heard about or read about. I myself take the recommendations of authors I like. I also look at the list of the best 10 of the year from NYT and read Book World from Wash Post. It is the first book club I have been involved in that is made up of theatre people and it works out wonderfully, both for great discussions and our flexibility in working around production schedules. Looking forward to hearing about what you all are reading.


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