Monday, November 20, 2006

Wakey Wakey, Up and Adam!

It is time. I bought it a year ago. I have attempted to start it a few times only to get rebuffed by the first four pages. I sneakily tried to start in the middle and got rebuffed there too. But I knew if I was patient, one fine day I would realize that I was ready and I had to start reading it as soon as possible. And it happened. So I’m doing it. Expect reports on the book, the indignities it will heap on my head, digressive musings, etc. Old Burgess, stand me now and forever in good stead.

Buy a book in brown paper
From Faber & Faber
To see Annie Liffey trip, tumble and caper.
Sevesinns in her singthings,
Plurabelle on her prose,
Seashell ebb music wayriver she flows

--Joyce’s blurb on the dust jacket of the two-shilling edition of the Anna Livia Plurabelle section from Finnegans Wake.


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